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This model stores Bootstrap variables and populates two fields with CSS chunks on save(): css_above_the_fold and css_below_the_fold.

Note: This model intentionally does not contain a field for every Bootstrap SCSS variable. It is meant to handle important Bootstrap SCSS variables to create a unique look & feel without overwhelming admins with choice.

Bootstrap Fields

These fields correspond with Bootstrap SCSS variables. Whereas Django uses snake_case for variables, Bootstrap's SCSS variables use $kebab-case. (Should we call that expensive kebab case?).

The enable_rounded field, for example, corresponds with the Bootstrap $enable-rounded SCSS variable.

Palette Fields

These fields use the RGBColorField field from django-colorful.

  • primary
  • secondary
  • success
  • info
  • warning
  • danger
  • white
  • black
  • light
  • dark
  • component_active_color
  • component_active_bg

Option Fields

These fields use a BooleanField.

  • enable_rounded
  • enable_shadows
  • enable_gradients

Typography Fields

These fields use a CharField unless otherwise noted.

  • font_family_base
  • font_size_base
  • line_height_base
  • body_bg (RGBColorField)
  • body_color (RGBColorField)

Headings Fields

These fields use a CharField

  • headings_font_family
  • headings_font_weight
  • headings_line_height

Non-Bootstrap Fields

CSS Storage Fields

These fields use a TextField

  • css_above_the_fold
  • css_below_the_fold

Utility Fields

  • updated (DateTimeField)



This model associates a BootstrapTheme with a specific Site. An instance of this model is used by this package's [Views][] and [Middleware][].


  • bootstrap_theme (ForeignKey(BootstrapTheme))
  • site (ForeignKey(Site))